Transcendence (2013)
Transcendence now available on CD on the BUY page. iTunes and other digital distribution coming in mid-July

After nearly 5 years since “Sojourns”, Sean is proud to be releasing his follow-up album, “Transcendence”. The album features beautiful violin performances by renowned concert violinist Andrew Sords.  Transcendence will take you on a journey of the soul’s transition from Earth across the Universe to Paradise. 

From crossing over, leaving Earth and the Milky Way, soaring by the Andromeda Galaxy, Nebulas, Quasars, and finally to Paradise, Transcendence  will immerse you in a journey of galactic sound  and spiritual illumination.

Sojourns (2008)

Sojourns will take you on a journey of meditative song textures ranging from beautiful vocal and string melodies to moving percussive-driven textures. Soprano vocals, highland bagpipes, adult & children s choirs, string quartets, pianos, exotic percussion, and a variety of synthetic textures round out the listening experience of Sojourns.